In Quack-Lanta

The Big Peach - Atlanta, GA

With J.J.

1998- 2000

NOT is a small duck and as such, is forced sometimes to just go along with the people he's with. So when J.J. relocated his home from Boston to Atlanta, NOT was along for the journey, whether he wanted to or not. 

Atlanta is a growing city - capital of Georgia, home of the 1996 Centennial Olympics (and Olympics bombing), the Braves, Coke, and a whole mess of people sprawled in horrible, horrible traffic. Yea Verily. 

NOT sits near the now darkened vessel for the Olympic Flame, and the Olympic Rings. Unfortunately, he has yet to get small wing flying sprits added to the games, but NOT keeps trying. 

Near the flame is Turner Field, home of the Atlanta Braves. Originally built as the Olympic stadium, it now houses yet another baseball team that NOT visits, though this time he has less of a fear of being eaten

Centennial Olympic Park celebrates the spirit of the Olympics through sculptures and open space.

NOT was a bit shy about this sculpture though - the people where (gasp!) naked! 

To clean himself, NOT had to go visit the fountains in the park.

The fountain is laid out in the interlocking rings of the Olympic Symbol, and children (and small ducks) play in it. Musical shows with spurting water in the fountains entertained NOT and friends.


Atlanta is also famous as the home of Coca Cola. The city is home of the World of Coca Cola also, the only place in the world (now that Las Vegas has closed) to celebrate the cultural phenomenon of Coke. 


It was hard to miss it though, between the large Coke sign on the front of the building.

and the Coke symbolic polar bear greeting visitors. He was a nice bear, and he didn't eat NOT, though he did eye him hungrily. Maybe if he had a Coke to wash it down with, NOT wouldn't have been so lucky. 

Though he seemed pretty tame. He even let David pose on him inside one time when he was visiting.

NOT learned about the history of Coke there, from its origins in a drugstore to a huge empire. He even visited a replica of an old soda fountain counter, complete with a server who showed NOT the proper way to make a Coke. He was a pretty nice guy to NOT, though everyone called him a (soda) Jerk. 

Originally the city of Atlanta was known as Terminus, because the rail lines ended there. Because of the nexus of the lines, Atlanta became an important shipping and commerce center for the south. Unfortunately, this train engine did not seem to be going anywhere. Note the lack of tracks. 

Despite the lack of trains now, Atlanta still is important in many ways. 

As the Capital of Georgia

And the home of CNN and the Turner empire. Turner owns so many of the old movies now that you might see Gone with the Wind and The Wizard of OZ right next to what was formerly the WCW until it was sold to the WWF. 

NOT especially liked the shopping at the CNN center, but wondered if he would have anywhere to wear such shoes to.

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Photos by J.J. Kwashnak

Last Updated March 2001