If you Have to Go To Sea, Do It In Style

Cruising on Celebrity's Line's Zenith to Bermuda

With Joe and Patti Kwashnak

August 2000

Luckily, NOT knows enough people that when he does decide to travel, he does it in style. "If you are going to go to sea, why not do it in style?" he wondered. So thus he went along with Patti and Joe Kwashnak to head from New York City to the island of Bermuda. 

"Hey, I may be a duck, but I can't swim that long" explains NOT for his interest in life savings equipment during the Lifeboat drill prior to departure. 

NOT had already seen the Statue of Liberty before, both in New York and in Birmingham. So he took the opportunity to check out his fellow shipboard companions as the ship left New York Harbor.

As land drew away, it was time to discuss shipboard activities, including water sports, with the cruise director Julian Bertsch. 


Among the activities was the shipboard casino. Patti and Joe didn't have much luck, but NOT did!

Everytime the gang went into Hamilton, they had to go through the customs building. Luckily NOT had left that "asthma inhaler" at home. 


But once there, the ship was never far away. You can see it in the background. 

After hearing all about them, NOT wanted to get his picture taken with a Hamilton policeman in Bermuda shorts. Unfortunately, an alarm went off at a bank up the street and all the policemen ran to it. 

Bermuda was a place that is heading into the 21st century, with their own ministry of E-commerce. This way NOT could stay in touch with his friends, and those he met on the trip can check up on his adventures on-line. 

On Wednesday morning, it was time to leave Hamilton and head on to St. George. Where better for a duck to connect with others than at a Preservation area? 

There they wanted to rent some old time bicycles, but NOT's wings didn't reach the handlebars.

So it was time to get a higher view, and where better than St. David's Lighthouse. Alas, even small ducks weren't allowed to climb to the top. So much for his "bird's eye view." 

Luckily, there was a very nice docent at Fort St. Catherines to give a history lesson on Bermuda and its forts. 

Unfortunately, this was the only pirate like person NOT saw. It looks like he'd have to wait to go back to Disneyland to experience Pirates of the Caribbean. 

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Photos courtesy of Patti and Joe. Kwashnak

Last Updated March 2001