La-La Quack

The City of Illusions - Los Angeles, CA

With Doug Larrick

June 2000

Sometimes there is a fine line between reality and fantasy. And some places the line dividing them blurs. One such nexus of this blurring is in Los Angeles - home of silicone and the movie industry. 

In June, Doug invited NOT to attend the Design Automation Conference in LA. NOT eagerly agreed and flew with Doug across the country. 

While there, NOT found himself getting into the spirit of fantasy, imagining himself in the picture with a number of his favorite movies.

NOT does his part to save the orphanage in Cook County by riding along with the Blues Brothers in the Bluesmobile.
In the era of fast cars and fast Ducks, not longs for simpler times like the 50's and wants to go Back to the Future in the DeLorean.
NOT sneaks under Tom Hank's helmet to hitch a ride on Apollo 13.
But he has to look out for the large and small dinosaurs who might want to eat a small duck for a snack on the island of Jurassic Park
Hiding with Bullwinkle, he hopes to help keep Rocky out of the clutches of Boris and Natasha. 

After a long day of fantasizing about the movies, it's nice to take a break and see some reality - in this case the luxury that was one of the great ocean liners in its day - the Queen Mary.

Baby, are you hot or is that a fire extinguisher under your seat?

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Photos courtesy of Doug Larrick

Last Updated March 2001