I Belong In A Zoo

San Diego Zoo area

With Doug Larrick and Lis Daniels

May 2000

One way to describe NOT is footloose and fancy free. He travels. While he may have home bases, he gets around, quite well for a small flightless stuffed duck. Unfortunately, not all the animals are so lucky, has he recently found out. Some of them are trapped, held in a place called the Zoo. One of the most famous ones is in San Diego, and NOT took an opportunity to see this captive life for himself.

 Inside were all sorts of animals, or all shapes and sizes. Lis took pains to protect him from the potential dangers of the carnivores. He only got close to the herbivores, not that NOT knew that word.  Luckily, Lis did. 

NOT saw animals of all shapes and sizes. There were the very big ones that reminded him of Tufts University!

And smaller ones that seem no less threatening - rather they seemed to want to nibble on the Duck's wings.

And some of the animals were strange - covered with leafy vines so that they looked strange. NOT hedges his bet and didn't get too close just in case, though Lis seemed to be in more danger.

After a day of seeing all these animals, many of which he had never heard of, it was time to leave. NOT breathed a deep sigh of relief to be out of there and free once again. Gazing out over the Pacific Ocean he was grateful that he was able to move around freely with his friends, and not stay in a cage.

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Photos courtesy of Doug Larrick

Last Updated March 2001