All Quacked Up

Sin City - Las Vegas, Nevada

With J.J. Kwashnak and Joe Wagner

February 2000

NOT Duck is a fan of kitsch. Noting succeeds like excess sometimes. And where better to see this in real life than in Las Vegas - the city that never sleeps (O.K. - so that's also New York) and now is trying to present itself as family friendly. Having been to Las Vegas before, NOT was an old hand at the city itself. 

This time he was visiting the Coca Cola sales meeting with his friend Joe. Coke does things right, setting him up in the new resort - the Bellagio. NOT was extremely happy with this because the Bellagio is home to a famous water fountain show, which is always a favorite for the duck.

But in addition, it has a wonderful pool and garden complex that NOT could get lost in. But even if he got too lost, all he had to do was to Quack, and there would be a nice helpful casino employee to help him. 

Vegas excess is all over. Just like the gardens at the Bellagio (and the art gallery), other casinos were aglow with neon, or with roller coasters on top. The Venice decided to bring the namesake city into the desert, complete with canals and gondoliers in the hotel itself. Having been to the real city, NOT was not overly impressed, but there it had been outdoors, and here was the city in all its air conditioned glory. 

NOT found it funny that despite being in a desert, he was able to still end up on a river. Of course, that was the Colorado river between Nevada and Arizona, and it was an hour drive to get there, but he started out on a river float from the base of the Hoover Dam.

"Damn, that dam is big from the bottom!" exclaimed NOT, having already seen it from the top once before. 

Being out in that desert, NOT found himself becoming very thirsty. And what better to wet his whistle was a giant bottle of Coke. Las Vegas is the home to the only other "World of Coca Cola" in existence, outside of Atlanta. '

He was upset that the 30 foot bottle on the outside was empty, but found enough of the caffeinated ambrosia inside to slake his thirst.

Unfortunately, a week after his visit, the World of Coke closed in Vegas. Might NOT have drank too much?

Despite a week in Vegas, not once did NOT see any Elvis. The sole exception was this bronze homage to the King at the MGM Hotel, where the King had his grand comeback. There should have been more Elvis. After all, if he lived in the excess of Graceland, well Elvis and Las Vegas were made for each other. 

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Photos by J.J. Kwashnak

Last Updated March 2001