Heart of Duckness

On Safari in South Africa

With Doug and Lis

May 2001

NOT duck truly is a world traveling duck. But it's not often that he gets the chance to go to a new continent. And it's also rare for a small domestic duck to get a chance to see animals in their natural habitat. But it's just that chance that NOT got recently when Doug and Lis went on a dream vacation and safaried in Africa. 

After many hours and many airports (3 continents in 1 day - boy were his wings tired!), it was time to check in. NOT was already feeling a bit of envy at the animals. Here he tries to welcome his traveling companions to Vuyatela Camp at Djuma in the northeast of South Africa. 

At first NOT was not impressed with the game. They seemed almost two dimensional. Until Lis pointed out that he was looking at the reserve's sign. Ooops. 

"Let's move 'em out!" NOT tried to bellow like the Duke as he hopped up with Lis and Doug onto the Land Rover, ready to be in search of big game, only the only shooting is going to be done with Doug's camera.

NOT got into the spirit so much that he even took a turn in the spotter's seat. 

Unfortunately, he was too short to see much of anything of value.

Africa Travel

Photos courtesy of Doug Larrick and Alissa Daniels

Last Updated December 2001