What a difference a Bay makes

Around San Francisco, California

With David Backman

Spring 2001

Now that one of NOT's favorite traveling companions has relocated to San Francisco, NOT spends some time there with him seeing the sites and events.  

Some vignettes from the City by the Bay. 

Don't be hypocritical when you are hanging out with Hippocrates at the UCSF School of Medicine. David thinks that the duck is asking the statue for boxes to hold pachyderms.   

Stephanie Stern and NOT wonder about the dangers of swimming in the sandy weeds next to the sidewalk. People have drowned here!

NOT explores the true origin of the Californian saying of "Gnarly." At Golden Gate Park there is just a cool tree that our duck could hide in. 

Having met the voice of Lisa Simpson, NOT is on the lookout for her brother Bart. Dave had to explain that it was the Bay Area Rapid Transit system, and not a 10 year old boy. 

But he's never too big to hang out with a cuddly bear!

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Photos courtesy of David Backman

Last Updated December 2001