Won't You Take Me On A Sea Cruz?

Santa Cruz, California

With David Backman

August 2001

Our fearless duck took a trip down the coast to Santa Cruz, California. 

NOT decided that it would be polite to check in with the local sea creatures, given that he was a waterfowl. He didn't like their attitudes very much, though. All the shellfish were flexing their mussels, and the one star that he saw wouldn't shake NOT's wing with any of his five arms. 

He saw signs everywhere pointing him to a local mystery. Not wanting to reveal his alternate identity as Secret Agent Double-0 Quack, he still thought it would be prudent to check this out. When he got there, he realized that it couldn't be a very well-hidden mystery with such a big sign! 

He had heard that women were always disappointed that no one was ever able to find their mystery spots, and wondered if exploring this place would help.

NOT visited the nearby Surfing Museum to learn about the history of hanging 10, but the local Gidgets chased him all over the beach. With a souvenir "I've found the Mystery Spot" badge hanging from his neck, women were begging for his attention.

Two women, Stephenie Schnell and Laura Stern, were particularly relentless, and NOT was only able to distract them by finding them an even more perfect man, a local pillar of the community known only as the Big Kahuna. 

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Photos and Narrative courtesy of David Backman

Last Updated December 2001