Stupid Is As Stupid Quacks

St. Stupid's Day Parade - San Francisco, CA

With David Backman

April 1, 2001

Every year in San Francisco, the First Church of the Last Laugh (FCLL) holds a parade to honor its patron saint on the church's one holy day of the year.

This saint is Saint Stupid.

The Holy Day falls on April 1.

This year at the 23rd annual parade, Dave and the Duck decided to participate. 

Dave decided to pay tribute to his computer friends, in California and around the world.  So he festooned himself with 20 or more ties. Too bad he couldn't find an org to go with it. 

The Saint Stupid's Parade pays tribute to everyone, no matter how large or small.

This guy reminds us that every duck is sacred.

Unfortunately, disaster almost befell the pair at the parade. In the midst of all the revelry, NOT wandered off on his own.  He was lost in the crowd, and the people were to busy being Stupid to help him find Dave. 

Dave pushed his way back through the parade, pleading with everyone to help him find his missing friend. Most people thought he was just being Stupid, looking for a duck in a parade. Meanwhile, NOT had found what he thought were a familiar pair of ankles. Though they weren't Dave's, they thankfully belonged to a different friendly human, who lifted him high for Dave to see. The friends were reunited! The mysterious stranger left quickly, embarrassed by the thanks, and pausing only to take Dave's card. He emailed this the following day: 

Dave with the lost duck:

I am the wondrous one who found the lost duck at the St. Stupid's Day thing.......(yet another plot for a Monty Python movie, if you ask me)......(I have the holy sandal!!!!!!)

You said to e-mail you, and, well, here I is........

I hope the duck was definitely made my nipples hard while I stroked it a magic duck? Am I just a fool?   It was very, very, very, very hard for me to give up the duck. I expect a handsome reward.......


NOT had been returned by a kind member of the congregation. So we all Quack and Salute You, Jeff Charroin! 

Our savior Jeff is on the Left

Update: NOT and Dave made it to the Saint Stupid web site!


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