Pining for the Fjords

Peening fur zee Fjurds*

Going Scandinavian without Ikea, visiting Sweden and Norway

Gueeng Scundeenefiun veethuoot Ikea, feesiting Svedee und Nurvey

With Kerstin Svendsen


Veet Kersteen 

July, 2001

Jooly 2001

NOT is not a big fan of cold, despite his adventures skiing. He's a summer duck, so if you are going to be going to the Scandinavian countries,  summer is the time to go, right? So off he goes with his new friend Kerstin to the other great white north. 

NOT is nut a beeg fun ooff culd, despeete-a hees edfentoores skeeing. He's a soommer doock, su iff yuoo ere-a gueeng tu be-a gueeng tu zee Scundeenefiun cuoontreees, soommer is zee teeme-a tu gu, reeght? Su ooffff he-a gues veet hees noo freeend Kersteen tu zee oozeer greet vheete-a nurt.

First Stop - Sweden!

Furst Stup - Svedee! Bork Bork Bork!

No, NOT did not find it to be the land of buxom blonde women. But he still had a good time. He was out on the town in Stockholm with Kerstin and her cousin Karin. "Fika" time!

Nu, NOT deed nut feend it tu be-a zee lund ooff booxum blunde-a vumee. Boot he-a steell hed a guud teeme-a. He-a ves oooot oon zee toon in Stuckhulm veet Kersteen und her cuooseen Kereen. "Feeka" teeme-a! Bork Bork Bork!

Now NOT and cats don't get along, but he hoped to find that foreign cats were not so bad. Here he tried to befriend Katarina's cats. 

Despite the hungry eyes, they didn't make a meal out of our duck. 

Noo NOT und cets dun't get elung, boot he-a huped tu feend thet fureeegn cets vere-a nut su bed. Here-a he-a treeed tu beffreeend Ketereene's cets. Despeete-a zee hoongry iyes, zeey deedn't meke-a a meel oooot ooff oooor doock.

 Of course the best part is being a tourist. NOT takes a rest after a long bike ride in Gamla Stan (Old Town), Stockholm. 

Ooff cuoorse-a zee best pert is beeeng a tuooreest. NOT tekes a rest effter a lung beeke-a reede-a in Gemla Stun (Oold Toon), Stuckhulm.

On to Norway!

On tu Nurvey!

Finally, a fjord! On the way to Flåm fjord, west of Oslo, a shivering NOT Duck brings out Helene's motherly instincts. NOT's friends are Englishwoman Sally, Norwegian Helen and Swede Inger. NOT Duck - the walking U.N.

Feenelly, a fjurd! Oon zee vey tu Flåm fjurd, vest ooff Ooslu, a sheefering NOT Doock breengs oooot Helene's muzeerly insteencts. NOT's freeends ere-a Ingleeshvumun Selly, Nurvegeeun Helee und Svede-a Inger. NOT Doock - zee velkeeng U.N. Bork Bork Bork!


NOT considers a leap in to the fjord. However. cold water is cold water, and NOT can't afford to shrink any more. 

But he does wonder what that is in the distance. It almost looks like a picture of Slartibartfast?

NOT cunseeders a leep in tu zee fjurd. Hooefer. culd veter is culd veter, und NOT cun't effffurd tu shreenk uny mure-a. Boot he-a dues vunder vhet thet is in zee deestunce-a. It elmust luuks leeke-a a peectoore-a ooff Slerteebertffest?

Helene advises NOT. "It's O.K. The shrinkage is hardly noticeable."

Helene-a edfeeses NOT. "It's Oo.K. Zee shreenkege-a is herdly nuteeceeble-a."

*translated to Swedish Chef by 

Europe Travel    

Photos and some commentary courtesy of Kerstin "Shashy" Svendsen

Last Updated December 2001