Half Duck

Yosemite, California

With Marc Elzweig and Michaela Murphy

August 2001

"California, open your Golden Gate, you let a stranger wait..."  Well not exactly, thought NOT WAS in the Golden Gate area when Marc and Michaela came to stop by and visit Dave. So after leaving the Backman Bed and Breakfast (BBB), the gang took NOT Duck along to the wonders of nature in Yosemite Park. 

Now as we've all known, duck is a delicacy in some parts of the world. And apparently it is in California, especially amongst the local inhabitants - the bears. 

"Of course there are bears," Michaela assured NOT, "but they won't bother you, you're too little."  Just as she shut NOT outside the cabin.

Suddenly, a rustling sound was heard nearby. In a panic, NOT fled to the nearest bearbox. He remembered before that these boxes were to keep food safe from bears at night. They might help keep a duck safe too. 

Then again, NOT wonders if the car would not be a safer place to sleep. Oh well, at least here he has food to snack on. 

After surviving the night (no thanks to Michaela) NOT was awake with the fresh mountain air and looking for getting back to nature. It was off to Vernal Falls the trio heads looking for hiking fun. 

Higher they went.

And higher... (to Glacier Point, 7000 feet)

And so high that he was afraid he would be dropped. NOT ponders his cursed inability to fly well.  Hold on Michaela!

Along this forest frolic, NOT  came face to face with what happens when you let go. You fall. If tall giant Sequoias in Mariposa Grove can, so can a little duck!

Now in Yosemite, there is a formation that is world famous called Half Dome. NOT and Marc got a good look at it when they arrived.

NOT was so impressed by it, he wanted to get a closer view. Luckily, Marc was a former football quarterback, and with a straight aim and strong muscles, he threw NOT into the air with all his might. Up...up...up NOT went. Until finally he arrived at the top. "Wow, what a view!" NOT quacked!

Being up high made NOT think about his place in the world. He was so small, and the world so big. NOT knew one day that his journeys would bring him to the end. And what did he see as he was around Yosemite? Well the Rim of the World!  He just had to make sure that he didn't get too close and fall off now. 

NOT, carefully approached the wall, eager to see, but afraid of falling off and being lost forever. Carefully he flapped and hopped until finally he could see. And as the duck went over the mountain, what did he see?

Why, he saw another mountain. 

"What a gyp! There's more on the other side of the wall!" he groused. 

"It was bad enough when we got to the landing area of the lower Yosemite falls and there was nothing falling. The river was only a trickle by that time." 

"And I never did see Sam either!" he hrumphed. 

Well, Michaela had had enough with NOT Duck and his complaining. After listening to him for the day, she finally had to put her foot down. Her LOOMING GIANT FOOT down. 

NOT decided to be good. 

Meanwhile, back in the San Francisco Bay area the gang went in search of things that were long and hard. NOT's unfailing sense of direction brought them face to face with an elephantine friend in Sausalito.

And then they went in search of a good ride...at the Bay Area Discovery Museum. 


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Photos courtesy of Marc Elzweig and David Backman

Last Updated December 2001