I Miss Curacao and I Feel So Blue

Curacao in the Caribbean

With the Backman Family

November 2003

NOT loves the Caribbean. The sun, the shores, the exotic liquor. So it is no surprise that he find himself in the company of some old family friends on a trip to the magic island. 

Ironically, he would find himself closer to South America than when he actually was in South American territory on the Galapagos Islands

After being safely tucked away in the luggage, he emerged to check out his surroundings. 


But now it was time to just kick back. First stop - the poolside bar!

The friendly bartender suggested some of the famous blue liquor that made the island even more famous. 

NOT thought that sounded good so forgetting his size and tolerance, he ordered up a bottle and sat down poolside to enjoy some drinks. 

After emptying a few too many glasses of the nectar, not knew he had enough and needed to get away. But he's on an island. How many ways can he get away? So it is thus that NOT found himself on a boat in the Caribbean. 

Unfortunately, someone forgot to tell the gods that his name was NOT, not Gilligan, and suddenly he found himself tossed and washed up ashore.

"Oh Cruel Fate!" cried NOT. For not only was he shipwrecked, and shipwrecked on a boat named for his torment, he was hung over, and surrounded by the blue ocean. Blue to remind him a lesson about the drinks he had consumed. 

"Next time I'm sticking to hard cider, I swear!" avowed NOT as he waited for rescue. 

'Somewhere, beyond the sea...."

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Photos courtesy of the Backmans

Last Updated November 2002