Quack Inside

California (and a side of Arizona)

With Doug Larrick and Lis Daniels

March 2002

NOT is a very lucky duck. He has several close friends, friends who travel often and bring him along, and friends who are already in California. So when Doug and Lis  were heading west for a spring vacation, he was invited along. No begging necessary. 

Doug is an engineer who after having his employers bought or merged now works for Intel. So in California, a visit to the mother ship was required. 

NOT had to change things, for as far as he was concerned, it was "NOTDuck Inside Intel"

In California the trio met up with another duck friend, Seeing that Lis works for the Boston Children's Museum, it's necessary for her to check out the "competition." And Dave was more than happy to take all three of them to the Exploratorium in San Francisco. 

Dave and NOT had fun stretching their faces. Ducks, Ducks Everywhere!

And how could they resist an invitation like this one on the Kaleidoscope. NOT's head spun from this one.

And you know what, there is a children's museum in San Jose also- the San Jose Children's Discovery Museum. Well, NOT is always interested in discovery, and some say he has the wonder of a child. 

The place was great fun. NOT got to ride in an ambulance:

Though he still didn't figure out what the 'ecnalubma' sign meant. 

After the ambulance, they took to the stage.

Unfortunately it didn't go out of town. But NOT liked the idea of riding this way rather than traveling to friends in an airless envelope or box. 

Then he really had a chance to make an impression on things:

NOT was not especially happy when he was called a Pinhead however. 

But he did get to make a new friend. 

His visit to Sedona, Arizona, however, left something to be desired. No matter where he flies, just like in his trip to Phoenix, he seems to land on the cacti. OUCH!


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Photos courtesy of Doug Larrick

Last Updated November 2002