Zagreb and Dubrovnik Croatia

With Christine Lee

May 2002

As NOT Duck has gotten chances to visit further across in the world, he gets more and more chances to go off the beaten track. Thus he found himself invited to go along with Christine Lee, a friend of David's who works for the Department of Commerce  who was headed to Croatia. 

Croatia is a small country that has seen a lot of turmoil. Carved from the old Yugoslavia it has seen the horrors that ethnic conflicts can bring. 

So NOT made sure to pack his flak jacket too. No fool that duck.

NOT also packed his Scrabble Tiles. He could score big with the places he was off to. First it was unpack the Z time as the capital of Zagreb was his first stop. 


"Hmm..." thought NOT, "what this place needs is a bit of cosmetic upkeep." And with that NOT decided to try and become the first Avon SalesDuck of Croatia. 'Ding. Dong.' he would ring but when the door would open, no one looked down and thus did not know who was ringing the doorbell. This was discouraging to a small duck like NOT. He stopped off at the Croatian Parliament building, but they wouldn't even open the door. 

He did find one guy to talk to who really could use some rouge. Unfortunately this guy would not talk much, being that he was made of marble. NOT had lighted upon a bust of Giulio Jure Clovic Clovio, a famous Croatian born painter. NOT felt comfortable with this guy because he was a famous miniaturist. Still, NOT didn't make one sale that day. 

So NOT packed up his makeup and Scrabble tiles and headed off to try his luck in Dubrovnik. 

Looking out over the Adriatic Sea, NOT realized that his cosmetics could never beat the beauty of nature, and he decided that his dream of being a SalesDuck were over. Rather, he's just find time to relax in this coastal city resort. This maritime center had been a crossroad of trade for the Crusades, and for much of the commerce of the area over the centuries. 

Besides the merchant history, Dubrovnik was rich in religious history, as NOT found out as he visited some of the local churches.

NOT soon found out that churches could be dangerous things. Suddenly carvings on one of the churches tried to eat our traveling friend. NO!


Luckily, a crusader, locked in time, was there to protect NOT. 

 Even without a war, this place could be dangerous to ducks! 

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Photos courtesy of Christine Lee

Last Updated November 2002