He Quacks You, Yea, Yea, Yea

Liverpool, England

With David Backman

August 2002

Dave and NOT headed north to Liverpool, touring the Beatles Museum and seeing the local sights. As he approached the docks, the weather was getting rough, and NOT could see tiny ships getting tossed around in the waves. 

Singing the Gilligan's Island theme to himself, he came across a yellow submarine that had evidently been thrown from the waves onto dry land. 

He tried to push it back to the water, but his wings just weren't strong enough. However, a local passerby complimented him on his singing, and recommended that he try out at an open mic night in town.

In the heart of Liverpool, NOT found a wall with the names of all the local performers. He quacked happily to himself, thinking that a civilization that still was carving words into stone rather than using newer forms of technology would be easily impressed. 

He crossed the street and entered The Cavern, and read a sign saying that "The Beatles" had performed there almost 300 times. "They can't even spell "beetles" in Liverpool! Wait till they meet a singing duck!" 

His mistake was that rather than trying out at the open mic night, he immediately demanded a recording contract for his group The Duckles. 

Unamused, the manager asked him to leave.

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Photos and Story courtesy of David Backman

Last Updated November 2002