Oh Canaduck

Toronto, Canada

With Adam and Amy Conn

April 2002

Sometimes it's nice to get across the border, eh? So that's how NOT found himself tagging along with Adam and Amy as they take off for the great white north. 

Since it was hockey season, a trip to the Hockey Hall of Fame was in order. NOT thought it was really great that in the midst of all these hockey players there was this big shiny silver bird bath!

Unfortunately, it was not a bird-bath he had found, but Lord Stanley's Cup. Needless to say the hockey players there were a bit upset at NOT for lighting in such a famous prize. Bobby Orr tries to get to him. 

NOT tried to hide among the Penguins, figuring one bird looks the same as the others.

He even tried hiding among the players bronzed outside. 

But Adam gave him away.

Finally, he was caught by Lester Patrick, who did not appreciate all that our Duck had done.

And he proceeded to toss him right out of the hall. 

Luckily his hosts were there to catch NOT in front of the Toronto City Hall. 

Looking for a cheerier experience after the rude hall, he ended up at the 100 Workers Memorial wall, which details the grizzly death of one worker per year from 1900-1999. NOT found some favorites there.


All this death and destruction had worn NOT out. He flew back to the Sheraton Center hotel for a relaxation.

He tries out a comfy chair, but found it to be a bit too crowded for his tastes. 

Ahh, there we go! A nice lotion relaxation bath to keep NOT's feathers soft and supple.

After some quiet avian time, NOT was ready to head back out into the wilds of Toronto.

And wilds they did turn out to be. 

Just down the street was a painted moose. It reminded him a lot of the cows he saw in Chicago.

Pandas were running amuck on the streets. 


And there were too many directions on how to cross the street. 

And the CN Tower just made him feel...inadequate.

It was time to be off with his own kind. He had heard about these Blue Jays that hang around Toronto, so off he went to visit them. 

He was disappointed that they weren't birds at all, but Baseball Players.  At least he could boo Roger Clemens for leaving Boston.


And when he was hungry, he knew he was in Canada, eh?

It got NOT thinking - when they get an Egg-Muffin, do they order it with only Bacon on it, since they are already in Canada?

A final quick stroll around town brought NOT to the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame (he didn't want to go in - why pay money to get the shaft)?

And then it was a twirl around town in the fashionable Ginger Spice's shoes from the Bata Shoe Museum. They made him feel tall.

Finally it was time to leave the country. Of course, just as he's going does he finally get a good greeting Hello. Maybe he'll just have to come back.

North American Travel

Photos courtesy of Adam Conn

Last Updated November 2002