You Can't Spell Sincere without Sin

Another Vegas Vacation and off to Napa Wine Country

With Dave Backman and his sister Laura

February 2002

Every so often even a duck needs to let loose and go wild. And so, against his better judgment, decided it was time for a good week of just cutting loose. Unfortunately, NOT learned what many a college student does after a good bender - he couldn't remember much. Luckily (?) he has snapshots to help jog that small stuffed memory. He hopes. 

Taking advantage of the warm weather, he jumped into "his" Ferrari and headed into the desert to Vegas.


Being small he couldn't drive well, and crashed through the wall of a casino and came to rest on the red carpet. It was all right though, the car was suffering termites. 

Seeing a strangely garbed gentleman, NOT hazily thought he was back at Saint Stupid's, or maybe Mardi Gras in New Orleans

"Which way to the tables my good clown, I want to go roll some Quacks, I mean craps."

Vegas is known for the casino buffets, but NOT did not expect to be on the menu. Flying away he narrowly avoided 'snake-eyes.'

Finally!  The lights! The sounds! The smell of stale cigarettes and desperation. And free drinks! He was so confused from all these assaults on his senses, he never got further than the slot machines just inside the door. But why leave when you find the lucky machine. NOT was on a roll, pulling the lever and quacking with delight as more coins fell. Some older ladies in on a junket began to eye him evilly and wonder what he would taste like on the buffet line. 

By now, totally seduced by the experience, NOT let himself go. All he can remember is with all his winnings in hand, he met this charming bear, and...well they had a good time. He thinks.


Awakening in a haze, not wondered what happened. What he did know was that the desert air was drying out his wings, and that was not good for a duck. So he took off for the coast once more, leaving his friend for the night behind. 

After the hangover wore off, NOT was sleepy, and hungry. He needed to perk himself up. And then it appeared in the distance: SUGAR!

He had found a great place to light and proceeded to fill his belly with some of those beans.

Buzzing around on a sugar high, NOT felt he could do anything. Near the Coppola Vineyard, he decided that he was thirsty and wanted to stop by for some wine. Of course those sample cups are like vats to a very small duck, and soon NOT was three sheets to the wind. 

Dave knew it was time to get him out of there when, spying the Academy Award for Best Music, Original Dramatic Score" award for Godfather II, he started mumbling things about freeing Tibet, and thanking all the little people. 

So it was back to the City by the Bay the pair went. NOT quietly swooned over his lost love in Vegas, for he still carried a torch for that bear a little bit. 

But then he saw a real torch - on the Olympic Torch Relay for the Salt Lake City Games. 

And he realized that carrying a torch, when you are a small stuffed cloth duck could be hazardous to your health. 


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Photos courtesy of David Backman

Last Updated November 2002