Dude, where's the water park?

The Battlefield of Waterloo, Belgium

With Alex Williams

September 2002

When NOT was told he was going to get to Waterloo, he packed his swim fins and bathing cap because he was heading to the San Demas water park from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. 

But no! What NOT found was himself in Europe, looking over an old battlefield. On this field the English Army of The Duke of Wellington, and the Prussian army of Marshal Blücher met, and defeated, a French army led by Napoleon Bonaparte. On a single day in June of 1815, 191,300 soldiers fought what is considered one of the most decisive battles in the history of Europe. From this number, 48,500 casualties were taken by both sides. In the end, Napoleon was defeated, and his return from exile on Elba was ended. 

NOT tries to figure out where Napoleon went so wrong. 

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Photos courtesy of Alex Williams

Last Updated November 2002