One Duck in Bangkok

Thai-ing one on in Bangkok

With Christine Lee

June 2003

NOT is a duck who lives in his traditions - he's a Jumbo after all, and his hopes. Hearing of a trip to Bangkok by Dave's friend Christine, he asked to come along. With visions of elephants, and of the King and I, NOT was ready to roll. 


"*gulp* Bangkok is bigger than I thought" felt NOT as he looked over the city from the 43rd floor of the Baiyoke Towers which is the tallest building in Bangkok. 

It was all so overwhelming. He felt like a lost soul in a new city. Almost like Anna did when arriving. 

"That's it" NOT realized. "I'll look for the King of Siam"

First he tried the Amporn Pimok Pavillion, which had been used by Rama IV to present himself to the people. But he couldn't gain any admittance to find the king. 

The Wat Pra Keo was not successful either. There was a beautiful chedi (temple spire) but it was supported by temple guards - garuda or mythical half-human, half-bird creature. Despite being stone, they were very intimidating to NOT.

The Grand Palce - now there was a place to find a king.

NOT went up and knocked on the front door, but no one answered. So of course, NOT went around back and tried knocking on the back door. 


NOT had found some of his elephants, guarding the back door. But no King. 

Heading to the oldest temple in Bangkok, NOT explored the Wat Po - the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. 

Atlas may have had the world on his shoulders, but these guys are holding up a pagoda and a duck. Not bad. 


Still, this statue was decidedly unimpressed. 


Having not succeeded in finding the King of Siam, NOT decided to tour the city on a duck sized elephant. Go Jumbos!

Stops upcoming include San Francisco, Denver, Minneapolis, Detroit, Boston and New York. 

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Photos courtesy of Christine Lee

Last Updated October 2003