Living a Life of Belize


With Michelle Anderson, Scott Jung and Reid Townsend

September 2003

Belize (formerly British Honduras) borders the sparkling Caribbean Ocean. As the weather gets colder at home, NOT always jumps on a chance to head south where it's warmer and a small duck (who has little body heat) can relax.

So once again he hopped into the suitcase of a friend of David's and headed south to Belize. NOT's probably one of the only birds who suffers Jet Lag.  So as soon as he got there, it was time to head to the beach.

Lay out at Caye Caulker and just soak up the rays was NOT's plan.

Lying in the sun can work up a fierce thirst though, so it was to the bar NOT headed next. He requested something cold and was given a Belekin. As one who loves to try new beers, NOT eagerly took to this popular local brew.

Unfortunately, sometimes NOT gets a little too eager with his beer, and ends up trying to drink from INSIDE the glass.

NOT sometimes needs to learn when to say when.

The next day, after shaking that lovely hangover, NOT was on his way to check out the local wildlife. Maybe he'd find a nice native duck to hang out with.

At the Crooked Tree bird sanctuary NOT was surprised to see so little wildlife. Or maybe they were just shy when the camera came out. Either way it was back to the beach for another round.

Beach - Beer - Repeat. 

That's a NOT vacation.

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Photos courtesy of Michelle Anderson

Last Updated October 2003