Where's Rica Martin?

Costa Rica

With Bill and Nancy Thomas

December 2003

Not having gotten to see much of Central America except for Mexican party capitals, Costa Rica was an excellent chance to bask along the Pacific. Or is it the Caribbean? That's what happens when you are in such an isthmus, you never know what ocean you'll see.

Hmmm...that water doesn't look too calm. Must be the Caribbean. Not Pacific enough.

NOT tries to go native and get a-head in his travels. Unfortunately, his guide met him with stony silence.

In search of more adventure, it was inland to the Lake Arenal area, home of the only active volcano in Costa Rica.

NOT was impressed at the size, but got bored when the volcano only belched gasses and not fiery lava.

"I specifically asked for a NON-smoking trip." sniffed NOT.

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Photos courtesy of Bill Thomas

Last Updated February 2004