The Duck flies at Midnight

Spying Museums in Washington DC

With David Backman

February 2003

In another incarnation our lovable duck is also a secret agent - Agent Double O Quack. So when they opened the International Spy Museum in Washington D.C., NOT wanted to see if his exploits would be included there. 

Now spying is normally kept quiet and low key. But not at this museum. They had to trumpet their existence for all agents to see. So much for secrecy. 


There were tricks and gadgets and spy things galore in the museum. In fact was a picture taking pigeon there enshrined for all to remember. 


An early relative of NOT's? Except this bird took pictures and NOT (when he's a civilian) poses for them. 

All throughout the museum there was not a mention of Double O Quack. 

NOT had some mixed feelings. Part of him was glad his cover was still good, but why do all these other's get to have all the glory? 

Oh yea, they are all captured, or dead. 

Maybe it's good to be secretive. 

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Photos courtesy of David Backman

Last Updated October 2003