I'm Not Bora-bora-ing You, Am I?

The South Seas Paradise of Tahiti

With Bill and Nancy Thomas

November 2003

Tahiti has been paradise for people since it's discovery in the late 18th century. The Bounty mutineers wanted to head there. Gaugin decided to spend his time there. So of course, when you offer NOT a chance to see this paradise, he jumped at it.

Besides, it's a very LOOOOOONG flight, and if he can do it inside the plan rather than on his own, he'll take it.


After sitting...and sitting...and sitting...and sitting, they arrived in the south seas.

Now Tahiti is an island paradise. So there is lots of water. And what better way to see it than to go on a cruise?  That's how historically you got there, so NOT felt the connection with history.

"Now wait a minute - the sunset is nice and all but I want to feel the Polynesian breeze through my feathers!" NOT vowed to go topside tomorrow.  If his seasickness subsides that is. Turns out there is a reason he flies rather than sails.

Where's my Mai Tai?

"Oh look - grass huts!  Now I'm feeling close to Tahiti!" thought NOT.

The surprise was that the huts and the coast looked so small when you compared to the island peaks.

Lush green vegetation grew over these peaks, making NOT wish for some fruit. "A breadfruit would be nice." thought NOT.

At least Bill was there to keep him from flying off in search of fruit. NOT's got a lot of green on him, he'd get lost in all those big plants.  NOT never got his breadfruit though.

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Photos courtesy of Bill Thomas

Last Updated February 2004