NOT of Arabia

In Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

With Christine Lee

December 2003

NOT follows current world events, and with all the focus on the Middle East, he jumped at the chance to accompany Christine to the Arabian Peninsula.  So it was off to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates they went,. Located next to Saudi Arabia and Oman the country borders on the Persian Gulf.

In Abu Dhabi they know how to treat you in style. NOT approved of the Intercontinental Hotel.


"My what a big coffee pot. At least I'll stay awake" thought NOT as he felt a bit overwhelmed.

But he was very impressed how friendly the hotel was. He couldn't read Arabic, but at least the hotel helped translate pleasantries.

NOT took this to heart and slept well that night.

Like much of Europe, the middle east loves it's football ("soccer" translated Christine).  And when there is a 14 year old wonder like Freddy Adu of Ghana playing in the area, it becomes a big deal.

Again, NOT was very grateful that there was English as well as the Arabic. Though he kept a watchful eye out for stray soccer balls which could run over him.

NOT didn't see much sand though. And didn't need any oil either because his wings makes it own, thank you.

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Photos courtesy of Christine Lee

Last Updated February 2004