Bahama-Mama Duck

Cruising to the Bahamas

With Doug Larrick and Lis Daniels

March 2004

It's cold in New England during the winter (well duh) so NOT jumped at the chance for a cruise to the Bahamas. Besides, he was with Doug and Lis who are some of his best traveling companions. Besides, cruises are the best in terms of good food, good times and exotic ports of call.


Though the food was a bit scarce here.  Waiter- more shrimp!

Now that's more like it. Beer festivals are something that NOT likes. And those little sample cups are just the right size for him. A couple of sample and he's done. NOT can be a cheap date.


"Avast Ye Duck Maties!"  NOT checks out the non-Disney Pirates of the Caribbean.  No Johnny Depp around at all.

 Lifeboat drill!  At least NOT can find the lifeboats, because if he goes overboard, he doesn't think the life preserver is going to do a lot to keep him afloat.  It's a bit big on him.

Duck overboard!

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Photos courtesy of Doug Larrick

Last Updated November 2004