Black Forest Duck?

Quick Trip to Germany and Austria

With Lauri Murphy

August 2005

Summer time is a great time to visit Europe - check out that European Union and have some beer and Viennese coffee.

It's always a good thing to find a pretty Fraulien to hang out with at the cafe. Host Lauri Murphy takes the time to share some coffee and a smile with the duck.

NOT's heard of skeletons in the closet, but not usually in the display window (except at Halloween). NOT and Michael Mikes pause outside a Vienese window to contemplate this advertising, though the anti-Nazi book on the skeleton's "lap" may be part of the clue. 

Still it gave NOT the creeps.

Someday, NOT will be recognized for his international goodwill ambasadorship.  He fascinated and delighted a group of Barvarian women on the 29 hour train ride from Vienna to Newschwanstein Castle, to Braunschweig, Germany.  Herr Ente brings together the world.

Neuschwanstein Castle (New Swan Stone Castle) was started by King Ludwig II (The Mad) and is named for the Swan Knight of Wagner's opera Lohengrin. The fairy tale castle inspired Sleeping Beauty's castle built by Walt Disney in his parks.  No one there needed a kiss from the beak of NOT, much to his disappointment.

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Photos courtesy of Lauri Murphy

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