Quack to Nature

Camping In Wisconsin

With the Mintons

June 2005

NOT Duck knows how to live the good life, traveling the world with friends and admirers, visiting exotic places and meeting famous people.

But can he handle himself in the wilds of nature? That was the question he wanted to answer when he was invited to go camping with friends.

First up is deciding where to go. Hmm, there's so much green on this map. So many choices. Oh wait, this sounds friendly - Firefly Lake, Wisconsin.  If it gets too dark, at least there will be insects to see by. So goes duck reasoning sometimes.

Let's see, we need equipment to rough it. Sleeping bag? Check. Tent? Check. Tarp? Check. Food? Check. Water? Check. Inflatable Hot Tub? Check. Bug Repellent? Uh oh. We better stop for that one.

Good thing they were also having a special on Bear Repellent.  Never know when that one is going to be useful.

Ahh, the great outdoors. Here's the lake. Where are the fireflies that were promised?  Man I'm going to give some tourist agency a piece of my mind when I get back. What a gyp.

O.K. - I guess we better get this camper up.  I'll sit here in this bowl while you get all this set up.  I'm a management trained duck so I learned early how to delegate.  Now the tarp goes there. And the hot tub gets blown up over by that part of the clearing.  Hurry up, I want everything ready for my afternoon nap!

See what a good manager I am?  Motivated everyone to have stuff set up in no time. No everyone's off gathering wood and water.


What's that?   Where did I put that Bear Repellent?

Quack away!

That's right. There were three of them. But I made sure that those bears knew who was boss. All I had to do was rear up to my full height and look at them with my steely glare and they slunk away.

You believe me, right?

Hello, front desk? I need a maid to do a room cleanup please? What do you mean there is no maid service?  Barbaric!

Too much fresh air tires a duck out.

A Penny for your thoughts?

According to Roadside America: "The World's Largest Penny commemorates a publicity stunt to raise money to build a local hospital. Dr. Kate Pelham Newcomb (aka the "Angel on Snowshoes") implored early 1950s school children to save their pennies; they met the challenge with a pledge of over one million (pennies). Woodruff, Wisconsin"

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Photos courtesy of Russ Minton

Last Updated December 2005