Galapagos The Neighborhood

Galapagos Islands off of Ecuador

With Mike Saletnik and the folks from Ab Initio Software

December 2005

Despite having been to the Galapagos once before, NOT couldn't get enough of those tortoises and finches. So when Ab Initio Software went to the Galapagos to celebrate it's 10th year, not was in Mike's bags almost before the invitation had been spoken.

First order of business is to properly thank your host. So he got friendly with Dan - head of the Systems group.

On the island everyone relaxes with a good breakfast after a night of camping. It was good times and good friendships all around.

NOT even started making friends with the locals.  At least he could keep up with this friend, not like those finches with their special beaks and big flapping wings.

Of course where better to get an insight into the ecosystems of the islands than at the Darwin Foundation?  NOT is not sure of all that evolution thing though. He doesn't feel like much of a dinosaur's kin.

He went to double check this with the Fabrico Valvere Lab, named after the late head of the technical department of the Galapagos National Park.

Yup, he was told.

NOT thought it was funny that everywhere he went he found a bay and water.  No one had the heart to remind him he was on an island.  He did think he felt lighter being on the equator though.  When you've got stubby wings, every gram counts!

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Photos courtesy of Mike Saletnik

Last Updated December 2005