South, but Not Quite South Pole

The Grave of Unalaska, Richard Byrd's lead dog

With Russ Minton

September 2005

Unalaska, (1923 - 1931)

In January 1931, Unalaska, the lead dog for the team that took Admiral Richard E. Byrd to the South Pole in 1929, was killed after being struck by a car on Riverside Drive in Monroe, LA. At first, the dog was buried at the American Legion Hall in Forsythe Park, but there was some dispute about the dog being buried on Legion grounds because he wasn't a World War veteran. A crusade was then led by the school children of Georgia Tucker Elementary School to raise money to buy a marble slab and have the dog removed. The crusade was successful and Unalaska's final resting place is under a marble slab at Georgia Tucker Elementary School. In later years, the school adopted the Alaskan Husky as its mascot. Georgia Tucker Elementary School is the oldest existing elementary school in Monroe, LA. The school was built in 1920 on land donated by Colonel Frank P. Stubbs in honor of his mother, Georgia Tucker Stubbs.


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Photos courtesy of Russ Minton

Last Updated December 2005