Hava Ne-Duckla

A honeymoon in Israel

With Ruth and Troy Emet

December 2005

NOT likes a good wedding and honeymoon almost as much as he likes travel. So despite having been to Israel recently, he jumped at the chance to go back again, this time on Ruth and Troy's honeymoon.  We'll let Ruth narrate the adventures.

The trip to Israel was all about food. Ruth's Aunt Dina was a fantastic cook any everything on the table was made from scratch - much of it grown herself. ...aside from NOT Duck, that is.

Time to play "Where's NOT Duck". See if you can find him amongst the kumquats.

Bene Darom is the name of the Moshav where Aunt Dina lives. Moshav's are like a Kibbutz but you can own your own property. They make olive oil, olives, and macarroni believe it or not. You can even find their products in the grocery store here.

NOT Duck plans his route as the next messiah through the gates of Jerusalem.

...and decides he would do better to do it without Troy's fingers in his butt.

Time for another installment of "Where's NOT Duck". Find him in this Jerusalem Jewish Quarter mosaic

This is the site where Christ was crucified. You could kneel under this altar and touch the rock by reaching through a little opening (since people were chipping bits off the rock). NOT Duck was not going down there personally. Too creepy. (Not to mention maybe a bit sacrilegious.)

The rather gloomily lit Tomb of Christ. Actually this is a church built around a shrine built around the tomb that he spent three days in.

NOT Duck at the Center of the World. Well... the center of the Christian world anyway. I didn't quite follow why this spot was deemed to be the center of the world by the Church but I guess you just don't argue with these things.

The tour guide asked the immortal question: "What is a NOT Duck" and immediately got her picture taken as a result.

Trying to visit the Western Wall on a Saturday is always a little problematic because you can not take pictures there. Ruth and NOT Duck pose for pics from a minimal safe distance, therefore

Just who is that shadowy duck lurking near the Wailing Wall? Quick! Call the IDF!


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Photos courtesy of Ruth Emet

Last Updated December 2005