What I Did During Maya Spring Break

The Yucatan Area of Mexico and Chichén Itzá

With Bill and Nancy Thomas

May 2005

After working a long stretch of doing Duck things, NOT felt it was time to party!  Spring Break in Mexico Dude! (well summer hadn't started yet - so it is still spring).

Once he crossed the Gulf, it was time to set down on Cozumel.

Surveying the domain, NOT went on the prowl for the party and beautiful people. Margaritas and bikinis. It was time to hit the beach!

But wait, where are the legendary crowds of college kids?  It's quite. There are adults here? Where's the party?

Maybe it's down by the marina.

Nope.  NOT heard rumor of a party school just offshore at the reef.  Since he already was at the marina, it was not a big deal to find a boat.

Even under the waves, the party was not to be found.

NOT feared that he was the only party animal or waterfowl around. But then he got wind of a party, guaranteed to be "stone cold" and happening.  It was at some place called Chichén Itzá.

NOT knew this had to be a happening party. Why else would a bunch of people be heading out into the jungle? Soon they came to a clearing in the jungle.  In the middle stood several buildings, dominated by a very tall stone building built like a pyramid.

NOT thinks this Mayan writing is the equivalent of "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service."

He looked around for the party but didn't see a big beer tent. "That's Odd" he mused. But he looked and saw that everyone seemed to be climbing up the pyramid thing.

Man, this thing is high.  I'd hate to spill my beer coming down from here. Just look at everyone around - many are so wasted they have to sit on their butt and scoot down the steps. 

But when he got to the top, there was no keg. Just lots of people, and a breathtaking view of the clearing and surrounding jungle.

"O.K.*pant* Maybe I *pant* didn't find a *wheeze* party, but *pant* at least *pant* I get a great *pant* view." gasped NOT.

"Gulp! Now I have to make my way down. I think I'll rest here in the shade for a while first."

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Photos courtesy of Bill Thomas

Last Updated December 2005