Czech It Out

Prague, with a side trip to Zurich

With Heather Mumford

June 2005

NOT is a goodwill ambassador no matter where he goes.  Friends of friends are instant buddies, and strangers become friends. So it's not unusual that Lis had a friend who was going to the Czech Republic, and she brought our favorite flightless waterfowl with her to visit some new territory.

So it was off to the capital of the Czech Republic the pair went. Most remember the Czech Republic as the first half of that amalgam country Czechoslovakia.  But with Slovakia going its own way, the country name was shortened. Prague sits in the region of the country that was known as Bohemia for many centuries. So NOT felt he was going tres bohemian in his trip.

As in much of Europe, life seems to revolve around the same things:

Church (or cathedrals)

Food and Drink (especially drink it seems)

And having a good time.

NOT and another new friend, Sophie, go dancing on the #26 tram.  Apparently NOT could trip the light fantastic enough to impress Sophie.

The good times almost made NOT jump in a fountain. But he called upon his decorum as a visiting American and stopped short.

Once you get out of Prague, you can head to a spa town of Karlovy Vary, famous for its mineral waters.  Heather tells NOT that "people tend to buy small mugs while they walk along the street so that they can fill them up at these water fountains"

"The water tastes like hot pennies, and I had heard that if you drank it too often it turned your teeth colors. Later someone else told me that wasn't true. Oh well. "

NOT was not interested in swimming in these waters.  Too many minerals mash down his feathers.

To follow on the Z theme of the trip, a stop off in Zurich was an order after being in the Czech Republic.

All the poor people around them were stuck in the round-about where this sign was. They just kept going in circles. NOT knew how that felt so he sympathized with them.

Zurich is one of those cities whose name is well known. The images of the Swiss banks (Gnomes of Zurich) and psychology (Jung) gives rise to a city that is full of thinkers. 

And NOT found that they were everywhere. Even this man contemplating the waters of the fountain.

He seemed more interested in the water's ripples than the fact that he had a duck alight on his arm.  NOT found the fountain pretty, but no where near as fascinating.

But in the end, NOT had two more countries to put down as visited. The adventures continue...

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Photos courtesy of Heather Mumford

Last Updated December 2005