Quack Me Up Scotty

Star Trek Experience - Las Vegas, Nevada

With Dave Backman and Michaela Murphy

June 2005

Being futuristic minded, NOT is a fan of Star Trek. So when given the opportunity to visit the new Star Trek Experience: Borg Invasion in Las Vegas, he had to jump at the chance.

While there, NOT saw the dangers of the future. While not being menaced by Borg (and too scared to take pictures) he found himself being chased by a Gorn

And the guy in the box was just NO Help!

Being bartered to a Ferengi by Michaela. (Thanks Michaela!)

Luckily, Duck is not a delicacy in the Ferengi culinary world.

Nor a hat.

After that, it was a glass of Romulan Ale to try and soothe NOT's jangled nerves.

Unfortunately for NOT's nerves, it was time for a visit by the Borg. 

Do they make Borg implants in duck size?

Even the bears are assimilated. Get me out of here!!!

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Photos courtesy of David Backman

Last Updated December 2005