Costa Rica Ricarduck

Costa Rica

With Deborah and Mark Kurtis

March 2006

Most people go south for Spring Break, but usually only as far as Mexico.  Well with age of both NOT and his friends, it's time to explore further, this time all the way to Costa Rica, shining along the Pacific.

Unfortunately, NOT may have fit the profile of a terrorist, because he was picked out of the line for "special searches"  Those hands are cold!

Little did NOT know what he was in for. Soon after landing they were crossing a bridge.  A rickety bridge.  A rickety bridge with a crocodile filled river below.  *gulp*  NOT decided to let Deborah look out at the crocs. NOT does NOT need to be in a picture with those jaws. And that was only one side of the bridge.



NOT was much more willing to get close to the quieter natives, checking out the statuary. 


After that harrowing trip and the crocodiles it was just time to watch the sun setting over the Pacific at Manuel Antonio National Park. The warm breezes and gentle surf made NOT understand the idea of the Pacific meaning calm.

After a relaxing evening it was time to head out the next day and get to immerse himself in the local culture. Costa Rica is known for coffee, so let's go to the coffee plantation!

Now coffee is grown on the mountain sides, but NOT got winded just walking up the stairs at the plantation.

"Roe hair" takes NOT along on a tour of Mangrove groves.  Debora was the first to understand that "roe hair" was an "exotic" pronunciation of what would be known in English as "Roger." NOT was a bit disappointed that he couldn't come up with a good alternative pronunciation of NOT.

Coffee seemed to definitely have waken up this monkey, who chattered at the party before deciding to explore the plastic garbage bag more.

And at the opposite end of the spectrum, NOT met a guy who could use a bit of coffee himself to wake up.  At least Mr. Iguana kept himself from being made into a belt.

I thought coffee got you going. This guy seems pretty much sluggish. Hey buddy, go grab some beans from the bushes behind you!

Still NOT is a BIG fan of coffee.


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Photos courtesy of Deborah Kurtis

Last Updated July 2006