Across Japan

With Catherine Allen

June 2006

Ducks don't often cook their dinners, but eat them raw. So NOT didn't know what was the big deal with sushi, but to each his own. A quick trip over the Pacific with a friend of Lis' took NOT to the land of the rising sun - Japan. No Godzilla was seen, but even in Japan, there are big red dogs.

NOT and his hosts Catherine and Kelly joined tourists to see Ginkaku (silver pavilion) at Jishoji Temple in Kyoto (as Futurama pointed out, Kyoto is the anagram lover's Tokyo).  NOT was disappointed to find that the pavilion is silver in name only.


At the entrance, NOT posed with Cat. He wanted to meet the Shinto priest in the white robe, but since his Japanese is spoken with a avian accent, he's very self conscious of talking to a holy man, so he didn't meet. Instead he spent time contemplating the gong in one of the minor shrines.


Finding serenity in the hustle of the temples, NOT contemplates the plum blossom flowers of Japan.

NOT's wings are small and he is sometimes a slow flyer. But he flew without ever leaving the ground, whisking across the island in the high speed shinkansen bullet train.


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Photos courtesy of Catherine Allen

Last Updated October 2006