New Quack! New Quack!

New York City

With Alissa Daniels

Summer  2006

NOT does not like cities, which is rather silly considering how many of them he visits. So when he ends up in a city, he is quick to look out for any oasis in the hustle and bustle.  So where in New York City can a small duck hide among the trees, besides Central Park?

The New York Botanical Gardens, that's where!

So Why DO birds build nests?

NOT Knows!  (or knot knows?)

But what good is a good big city without other oases? Time to wet his beak and have a nosh at the famous Carnegie Deli!

World famous, the Carnegie Deli features hundreds of photos of celebrity customers.  Now NOT feels he's a celebrity too, but the management didn't want his photo for the wall. So NOT improvised and just put himself up there on the wall among the august company.

He's still looking for them to call and ask for a photo.


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Photos courtesy of Alissa Daniels

Last Updated February 2007