Ducklet, Quack of Denmark


With Greg Jackson

November 2007

"Den and i Danmark" - The Duck in Denmark

It's time to see some more of Europe with the Duck. This time NOT was off to Denmark with a "Friend of the Duck" (though NOT was not sure how much a friend he was, making the poor duck ride in the luggage, rather than in first class, as he would like to be accustomed to). Regardless, it was another European adventure for our flightless mallard.

He may not fly, but at the same time he doesn't swim well.  His bill doesn't seal well and it's all bubbles when he tries to submerge. He'll leave the swimming to Dane Hans Christian Anderson's Little Mermaid.

Shhh... NOT quietly poses with the sleeping Ogre, trying not to wake him.  Though experienced with Trolls under bridges in Seattle and Norway, this is the first time he's encountered Ogres.  This one looks a lot like a Viking. Still, better to not be here when he wakes up.


For a creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle, the Griffin NOT met was not half bad.  Which half was not bad (the lion or the eagle) is up to debate.


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Photos courtesy of Greg Jackson

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