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Ducktown, Tennessee

With J.J. Kwashnak

January 2007

NOT likes to check out town he feels close to. Meaning those with his name in the town's name. Ducktown, Georgia got a visit a while back. But it's taken a while for NOT to go across the border to the north. Just over the Georgia border is the town of Ducktown, Tennessee. 

Ducktown is a bustling metropolis with a population of 427 according to the 2000 census.

NOT went to check out the city hall. He almost missed it because he thought it was a store.

Even a stuffed duck has time to get out of the way of traffic on the main thoroughfare.

But Ducktown lies on the Tennessee Heritage Trail, though possibly more based upon the fact that it lies in a large copper mining region, next to the extensive historic Burra Burra Mine. This mine from the early part of the 20th century made the region, and was one of the largest copper mines in the U.S.  However, it was also an example of mining without concern for trees, waste pits, chemicals and erosion, and became a major ecological disaster areas and 50 years after the mine was shut down the countryside is just starting to recover.  

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Photos courtesy of J.J. Kwashnak

Last Updated February 2007