Duck-Duke Duke-Duck

Duke University, North Carolina

With Jason Howard

February  2007

NOT's good friend Jason works up at Duke University in North Carolina, and he agreed to show him around the school. The trip was Duke-rific as well as Duck-rific.

First off, NOT got to meet Jason as his office. NOT guessed that Jason is really official in that they put his name outside his office.

And Jason's boss, Susan Wiley didn't say he was fired for bringing a Duck into the office, so that was another sign he's doing a good job. Or she has a thing for small stuffed ducks. Then again, who wouldn't?

Just like many campuses, Duke has a statue of the school's namesake. The statue sits just outside one of the most recognizable buildings on Duke's campus - the Duke Chapel. If anything is a symbol of Duke, it is this chapel. The other contender is a basketball.


Is everything here named Duke????

Up until this point the only Dukes NOT had dealt with were from Hazard, and he found his head spinning. Luckily Duke's hospital is world renowned.  It even had a scanner that seemed appropriate for NOT.


Luckily, NOT was fine. There seems to not be very many diseases of the stuffing. So it was off to visit one of the labs Jason works with. After his hospital visit, NOT laughed at the danger of radiation.

Only to find himself radioactive and stuffed into a biohazard bag. How humiliating.


He got better.
NOT didn't know there were so many dangers in the labs.  For every friendly scientific dinosaur he met...

...another almost got him eaten by a jaguar.


While Futurama has the robot devil, apparently Duke has the duck devil.

And those grad students had to be kept behind glass. Just like a zoo.

After checking out the wild grad students, across the lab NOT spotted a pack of lap denizens in the wild. It marked the rare intermingling of levels of dwellers and one that NOT could not pass up. Without planning, NOT had stumbled across the rare meeting of the predoc, postdoc and staff in the lab.

Once he met this group, many other of the Professors came out to have their presence also recorded with NOT.
Drs. Marchuk and Pickup And department chair Dr. Petes

And Dr. Peter Agre, 2003 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry. (A NOT Duck celebrity)


But as NOT noted above, the other symbol of Duke could be the basketball, with the phenomenal success of Coach Krzyewski turning the school basketball crazy come the winter months. NOT was lucky enough to be able to attend the Duke-Clemson game with one of the ushers.

First of all he had to be properly attired.

Then it was off to the game! Not too shabby a place to be, especially when you can get courtside. NOT felt just like Spike and Jack.

While there, NOT got to experience the full Duke basketball experience by spend time with Krzyewski Chefs, grad student members of "Cameron's Crazies" - referred to by ESPN as "rowdiest, wittiest, best-organized college basketball fans"

Despite the craziness of the game, NOT's biggest danger was to not be released by 3 year old Isabel Howard.

Thank goodness she's past teething. Quack!


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Photos courtesy of Jason Howard

Last Updated September 2007