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The Ennis House in Los Angeles, California

With David Backman, Valerie Kiszka, and Kenney Mencher

January  2007

If you can't BE in the movies, then hanging out where they were shot can sometimes be a (very distant) consolation.  However, it's not often that famous buildings intersect both cinematically and historically. This crossover does happen in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles, where the Ennis House is located.

It is the most famous of four houses in Southern California designed by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright, constructed mostly of interlocking "textile blocks' of concrete. It is often cited as an example of the "Mayan Revival" architectural style. It has been designated as a city, state and national landmark.  It was also known as the Ennis-Brown House, though the name officially reverted back to the Ennis House in 2005.

Besides being famous architecturally, the house has served as a set for numerous films and television shows. It was the titular mansion from the 1959 film House on Haunted Hill.  It also has served as fascinating architecture for Rush Hour, The Rocketeer and most famously for Blade Runner.


NOT looked out for Vampires too because it was used as a mansion populated by vampires in the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Luckily for NOT he visited during the day. No Duck sacrifice, vampire or Mayan.


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Photos courtesy of David Backman

Last Updated February 2007