NOT L'anatra, quella amore


With Jason and Amy Howard

April  2007

Let's see, a chance to head to Italy and spend time at a villa out in the country, or stay in North Carolina.  It took NOT about .000001 seconds to make THAT decision. (The delay was because NOT is sometimes a bit slow.) NOT barely had time to grab his tour guide before he found himself jetting across the Atlantic to the boot of Europe.  Some day they will actually let him sit in the cabin, instead of the overhead bin. But a trip's a trip after all.

NOT just knew that Jason had something to do with where they were going once he saw that they were getting off the train at Matelica.  It just seemed perfect that erstwhile metal head Jason would take them there. Though Jason protested his innocence in this, NOT took the opportunity to make sure there was no illegally downloaded songs on his iPod.


Once out in the countryside, NOT saw where they were headed - a true 17th century Italian Villa - Villa Collepere.  Even if it was only for a wedding, NOT could get used to this.

They toured the grounds where they grow food that is used right in the kitchen. NOT avoided putting anything in his beak for fear of giving the cooks some new ideas for serving duck.

After a bit of wine on the veranda to relax... was time to be put to work cutting ribbons for the wedding. No one told NOT there was going to be work involved!

Alas, it was to be a whirlwind trip, with too short of time at the villa, a wedding and then before NOT could even unpack his Duck-Italian dictionary it was back off to the bustling city of Rome.

But they had cool cars here. Unfortunately, the Howards and NOT only got to pose with them. They are not the way they got back to Rome.

Just as well, NOT doesn't know how to drive a stick.

All this running around makes NOT tired and hungry.  Good thing they Italians love their gelato. So does NOT!

Arrivederci Roma!

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Photos courtesy of Jason and Amy Howard

Last Updated September 2007