Stop! Yurt Killing Me!

Mongolia and China

With Antje Herlyn

April 2007

With the exception of the students of San Dimas High School getting to hang out with Genghis Kahn, most people (and Ducks) don't get to have a chance to be exposed to much of Mongolia. But does that stop the Duck?  No way, it's another reason to jump in willing hosts luggage and jet across the International Date Line.

NOT had heard about the fearsome creatures here north of China.  However, no matter how fearsome, they seemed docile to him.

NOT may have spoken too soon though, because he was soon confronted by the Mighty Mongol himself: Ghengis Kahn, as well as his son on horseback.

Even the landing places for a duck were starting to look a whole lot more fierce.  NOT knew he did not fear his head becoming a skull on a pole. One of the few advantages to having no bones.


Besides, you could see for a good distance from this skull. 

And after all, it was only the locals version of a house marker outside the yurt. Except, as NOT was corrected, the Mongolians call it a ger.  Still it is the basic felt cloth covered wooden framed tent known the world over.


"Yes, go left on Kubla Boulevard through three intersections, go left on Ghengis Avenue and we're the third ger on the left. Look for the donkey skull outside."

Directions in Mongolia are just a bit different. 

In Mongolian, the transliteration for a duck is a nogosoa, at least according to In case you ever find yourself in Ulaanbaatar one day.

And that's not a shaggy dog story.

Now the Great Wall of China was built during the Ming Dynasty to keep the Mongols out of China. Luckily this did not keep NOT from getting in from Mongolia.

Like Hope and Crosby, NOT was on the Road to Beijing.



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Photos courtesy of Antje Herlyn

Last Updated May 2007