New Duck, Meet the Old West

Pollock Pines, California

With David Backman

March 2007

NOT moseyed into the quiet town of Pollock Pines, California, formerly the site of the TV Show "The Virginian."

He had heard of a "one-horse town" before, but never that it was supposed to be a plastic horse!

After finding a local map, he went to an old mine on the outskirts of this former Gold Rush town. Unfortunately, the mine had been emptied ages ago.

With no money to buy a shot of rye with, NOT used his Double-O Quack skills to break into a safe.

NOT was caught by the local sheriff and tossed in the hoosegow. Though he hoped that this was just a local mispronunciation of "goose" and he would find a sympathetic ear waiting for him, it turned out to be the local jail.

The sheriff brought NOT to Placerville, formerly known as Hangtown, where the hangman's tree had once stood.

Luckily for our favorite duck, the tree was now a bar, and the noose was in use. So he was let off with a stern warning.

NOT explored the town, learning more about its history, and realizing that this was a dangerous place to try to steal from!

Deciding that it was time to leave, he found a duck-sized stop on the Pony Express.

The horsepower under the hood was impressive, but NOT kept giggling at the license plate, so he moved on.

Finally, NOT bumped into his friend Matt Fulvio, who showed him that while Placerville had a dangerous history, it was also a nature- (and duck-)loving place at which the druids of California had erected a torch monument in honor of their founder.

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Photos and story courtesy of David Backman

Last Updated May 2007