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The Queen Mary 2 Calls to the Port of San Francisco

With David Backman

February 2007

The world's largest ocean liner (as opposed to cruise ship), the Queen Mary 2 regularly makes transatlantic crossings. When built in 2003, she was the widest, tallest and longest passenger ship ever made, but was surpassed by the Royal Caribbean liner Freedom of the Seas, hence the distinction above.

On January 10, 2007, the Queen Mary 2 left Florida and embarked on her first around the world cruise, to last 81 days. After cruising down the Atlantic coast of South America, she rounded Cape Horn on the 23rd and began sailing up the Pacific Coast of the Americas.

On Sunday, February 4th, she made her stop in San Francisco.  NOT and Dave had to go check her out.

NOT was quite impressed as she passed under the Golden Gate Bridge.

And he quacked and waved as it sailed into the port for a short visit.

Now NOT has visited with the original Queen Mary in Long Beach a couple of years ago.

The following Tuesday the Queen Mary 2 slipped moorings and headed to Hawaii and then to continue across the Pacific to the south seas islands and then to Sydney Australia. There she will meet up with her sister ship the Queen Elizabeth 2.  That's too many queens for NOT in one place, and he's been to Provincetown.


And for random fun, you can check out the Web cam showing the view from the bridge.


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Photos courtesy of David Backman

Last Updated February 2007