Give me a Pina Colada, and put it on my bill.

Viva Las Vegas, Nevada

With David Backman & Family

March 2007

Despite being in Vegas several times before, NOT was unprepared for what he experienced this time. Despite the fact that there were no showgirls in sight, NOT and friends experienced a

Fantasy in Feathers

Who knew that when birds flew south for the winter, some of them go southwest and go ringa-ding-ding in Vegas baby.  I guess what quacks in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Showing that basic black is never out of style, Alice springs forth from the pond showing off the best of Australia in the black swan plumage. The Merlot is extra.
Coral plumage is always a fashionable spring hue, as evidenced by NOT's friends the Chilean flamingos.  Unfortunately for our South American friends, the original Flamingo hotel no longer shines among the Vegas skyline, but that could not stop them from enjoying the nightlife. As to where they were staying, the flamingos played "koi."
Basic white will always work, but it will not always bring you attention, as this white puffball found. Enfolded in white feathers that unfortunately did not flatter her figure, this bird tried to hide from the paparazzi and declined to even acknowledge the presence of friends NOT and Sammi.
Reporting from the runway for Telemundo was Seniorita Macaw, the green winged wonder who stole many a bird's thunder in her scarlet and green ensemble. Unfortunately, the language barrier made it difficult for NOT to converse with her - he English vocabulary was limited - she could say "peanut butter" but not "jelly," and (in a Vegas sin) say "Captain" but alas not "Tenille."
The Hybrid Whistling Duck, scheduled to present his latest creations in brown, did not show up, so his space was left vacant. The attempt to fill the slot with Himalayan Whistling Children fell far short.
The black necked swan looks stylish in her turtleneck. Unfortunately, despite the distinctive plumage, after all 'black necked' is in your name darling, her attempt at sunglasses and fake nose was hardly a disguise.
It's not a Vegas event without cocktails, and it's not a Vegas avian event without cockatiels. These caged dancers failed to stir the crowd, for neither NOT nor Laura felt an urge to shake their 'groove things.'
For many, making the scene was the reason to come to Vegas, but for some it seemed that the famous buffets was the reason. The vulturine guineafowl eyed NOT hungrily while waiting in line for one buffet. Luckily soon after her number was called for service, so she went to 'carrion' and circle the omelet station.
A flock of Backmans show the visiting flamingos something about standing on two legs instead of one. Unfortunately their outfits lacked the sartorial similarity shown by our Chilean representatives.
Taking a cue from the flamingos, these red-crested pochards take the pink back to its roots and takes back the red to be displayed proudly on their heads as they swim on by, forming a nice counterpoint to the green foliage and astroturf. NOT can only watch in appreciation as they throw fashion lessons to all who will listen.
NOT found the value of green for blending as he and his fellow Mallards quietly use fashion to slip into the background to observe the larger, but less colorfully clad African crowned crane.  Expecting serious bling, NOT was confused when the crowned crane sported neither gold crown nor tiara.
Even the non-avians joined in on the event. NOT visited with a memorial to Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel, who was fond of Flamingos, naming his hotel/casino after them, and showing a decided aversion to stool pigeons.
This old bird provided a segway for NOT to cross from avian fashion to producing on Broadway, even if it does involve working with David Hasselhoff.

And it's Vegas baby, so slots are a rule, especially when they were MADE for NOT. "Come on, line those mallards up baby!"


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Photos courtesy of David Backman

Last Updated March 2007