Quack is kcauq backwards, but what is it down under?

Along the West Coast of the US

With David Backman and the Sherman Family

August  2007

NOT has known David "Zim" Sherman for years, hung out with him in Colorado, attended his wedding, and it was because of Zim he got to go to the South Pole.

But now Zim and his entire family, Gail May-Sherman, daughter Kayla and son Levi are embarking on a new adventure across the globe to emigrate to New Zealand. You can be sure that NOT is eagerly awaiting a chance to go back to New Zealand and visit the family.

NOT joined the Shermans and his friend David on a farewell train tour of the pacific northwest, visiting Seattle, Portland and Crater Lake. And along the way there were some other random stops, as is the regular operating mode for NOT Duck.

Quackenbush Coffee Shop, Oregon

NOT has a fondness for businesses that seem to specially cater to ducks, like this coffee shop in Klamath Falls, Oregon. (Quackenbush Coffee is a small company in the Klamath Falls area of Oregon that roasts its own coffee.  Here you can find out more.)

And this highway sign just needs no caption.  Somewhere Jerry Garcia is smiling on this sign.

Seattle "anchors" pacific maritime history, here commemorating the sop by the famous "Great White Fleet" in 1908. In 1907 President Theodore Roosevelt sent four squadrons of battleships on a two year voyage to circumnavigate the world and show off U.S. Naval might. [A military version of peeing in the corner to mark territory.] In 1908 the fleet sailed from San Francisco to the Puget Sound and back before embarking across the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii and then the Philippine Islands.

The Napa Valley tends to bring wine to mind, but Napa is also the birthplace of the loudspeaker and of the Magnavox Corporation. Zim's brother Rob helps NOT try to hear his master's voice. That is, until Dave pointed out that was RCA, not Magnovox.

And NOT also found the birthplace of the television, where Philo T. Farnsworth (relation to Hubert unknown) first created and patented the all-electronic television.  Without his work, NOT would never have had chances to be on TV. The couch potato might have come about on its own though.

Also in the area is a duck in a tree. Not all that unusual, except it is really an ex-duck. A duck that has ceased to be. Kayla May gives NOT a hand up to meet this duck, though it was less than talkative. At least NOT was not the dead duck here.

Meanwhile, back in The City By the Bay, NOT finally got an understanding of what it means to be a Disco Duck, as he joined this string of ducks atop a Honda parked along the street.

"Make Way for Ducklings" for the Party Set?  

At least the disco ducks made sense compared to the hood of the car - Asterix herds along a pack of rats.  Shades of the Pied Piper? Or of St. Patrick driving the snakes out?  We'll never know.

Sometimes life is a mystery that way.


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Photos courtesy of David Backman

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