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Livin' Larger than Life

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Summer 2008

It's no secret that America likes big things. But sometimes it goes overboard a bit.  And there is NOT, enjoying the fun this brings.

[Note: Roadside America's Web site is a favorite of NOT Duck for all the fun things it spotlights for duck visits.]


When you think of Wisconsin a couple of things should come to mind. Cheese. Green Bay Packers. And beer.

King Gambrinus of Flanders is the legendary "King of Beers" or at least is the unofficial patron saint of beer and brewing.

King Gambrinus

In LaCrosse, Wisconsin he stands with mug raised as a greeting to the World's Largest Six Pack of Beer.

World's Largest Six Pack

How big is it? Well the fine citizens of LaCrosse explain it all for you:

World's Largest Six Pack Sign

Roadside America Entry

No word if the World's Biggest Urinal will be built nearby.

Also in Wisconsin, the World's Largest Penny.

World's Largest Panny

Roadside America Entry

North Carolina

North Carolina is widely known as one of the furniture making capitals of the United States. So it's not surprising to find the World's Largest Chest of Drawers there.

World's Largest Chest of Drawers

NOT's a little spot there just below and to the right of the socks. The houses next door are normal two story buildings.

Socks in the Dresser

 And the best part?  It's For Rent! It's right a the cross streets, and as you come down the lane, it's hard to miss!

Dresser ont he Street

Roadside America Entry


Cornelia, Georgia is the home of the  World's Largest Apple.

Giant Apple in Cornelia

Mississippi  New

Gulfport, MS is home to the  World's Largest Rocking Chair.

 World's Largest Rocking Chair

Roadside America Entry

Giant Chickens Attack!


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Photos courtesy of JJ Kwashnak (NC, GA, MS) and Russ Minton (WI)

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