Quack, Up and Away!

Hiller Aviation Museum and Institute, San Carlos, CA

With David Backman and Family

August 2008

Up in the air junior birdman!  NOT can't fly, but he can believe he can, and going to places like the Hiller Aviation Museum let's him continue to live the fantasy.

NOT flies through the night unseen by his enemies before he swoops down and brings vengeance upon his enemies in his F-117 Stealth Fighter. Or then again maybe he's just remembering the movie Broken Arrow.

NOT and Stealth Fighter

To control his own destiny NOT wants to be in the cockpit, controlling the 737. The hard part is that when he can reach the stick, he can't reach the pedals. Which makes flying a bit harder. Good thing he has a good co-pilot.

737 With Sammi

NOT hears lots of stories of birds being sucked into jet engines and the focus is always upon the damage to the poor airplane, but no one talks about the poor avian victim involved. Who visits them in the hospital. Does the airline send flowers? No. 

NOT and the Turbine.

The blades!  The blades! Auntie Em! Auntie Em!

Jet Engine

Good thing he had Sammi and Richie Backman to keep him safe. They were the wind beneath NOT's wings.

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Photos courtesy of David Backman

Last Updated September 2008