Appalachian Mountain High Quack

Mount Mitchell, North Carolina

With J.J. Kwashnak

August  2008

NOT's been spending time visiting the highest points in states across the U.S. On his recent North Carolina trip, he swung by Mount Mitchell in the Blue Ridge Mountains. .

Mount Mitchell is the highest point east of the Mississippi in the United States.

Mount Mitchell Sign

A road takes you almost up to the summit. From there you can hike up to an observation tower on the peak. Unfortunately when NOT was there, the tower was undergoing renovations, so he couldn't get up to it, though he could see it.

Mount Mitchell Peak

However, even if he didn't reach the highest point, over 6,5000 feet above sea level is not too bad for this flightless duck.

Mount Mitchell Elevation

Mt. Mitchell Plaque

After having sat on the continental divide in the Rockies, nearby NOT was able to sit astride the eastern counterpart.  This one was not quite as high up though.

East Continental Divide

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Photos courtesy of JJ Kwashnak

Last Updated September 2008