The Wright Quack

Kitty Hawk North Carolina (and other parts of NC also)

With J.J. Kwashnak

August 2008

Being a bird, NOT sometimes takes flying for granted. Now NOT doesn't have wings that work (like Opus) so he's dependent upon the airlines for his flight. So thanks not to evolution but the Wright Brothers he is able to soar majestically through the air, even if it is in coach.

The site of their original flights in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina is now a national monument.

Wright Memorial Sign

Atop one of the Kill Devil hills is the monument. Since the hills are made of sand and shifted, there's no way to know if this is "the" hill, but it's good enough.

Wright Brother Memorial

Wright Brother Memorial

Not had his conquest of the air as he panted climbing up the hill.

Wright Brothers Wing

Ooooh, it's shaped somewhat like a wing!  How appropriate!

Near Kitty Hawk on the Outer Banks NOT discovered a town named after him.  Well maybe not after him but close enough. It was time to visit the town of Duck, North Carolina!

Duck NC

A duck. in Duck. on Duck Road.  How appropriate!

Duck NC Seal

Many people think everyone in a state capital is nuts. Well in Raleigh they revel in this. Every year like the crystal ball in Times Square, the city counts down the new year with a giant acorn. In the off season it stands in a park near the capitol. Apparently Raleigh considers itself "The City of Oaks."  Wonder what the squirrels think.

Raleigh's Large Acorn

NOT had to also visit because across the street from the park is a restaurant for him - The Duck and Dumpling!

Duck and Dumpling

The Park sits not too far from the State Capitol building.

North Carolina Capital

Good thing they have the grounds armed in case the Yankees try coming down again!

North Carolina Capitol Grounds Gun

Over in Winston-Salem, there is an old gas station sea shell. NOT guesses that it was once a shell station but that's a wild guess. Regardless, NOT was disappointed that he couldn't hear the ocean.

Shell Shaped Gas Station Winston Salem

Even further west NOT enjoyed the winding mountain road of the Blue Ridge Parkway. He wondered who painted all those mountains bluish, but then again maybe he was a bit lightheaded from coming down from Mount Mitchell nearby. Because of the collapse of a retaining wall, NOT had the parkway from where he got on up to Mount Mitchell almost all to himself. Not bad for one of the most travelled parks in the United States.

Blue Ridge Parkway
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Photos courtesy of JJ Kwashnak

Last Updated September 2008